Frequently Asked Questions – Local Furniture Removal

1、Is transit insurance important to us?

Yes, it is. Transit insurance is an insurance to protect against damage and loss during transit. You can depend on it to cover the loss if anything happened during the moving process. Please check our terms and conditions for more information.

2、Is quote as low as good?

Don’t necessarily go with the removal company offering the lowest price. You need to factor in the removal company’s availability and the service you will receive. Remember that you will trust them with your worldly possessions.

3、What is “travel time”?

Some companies do charge customers an extra fee for travel between their depots and your house, or the distance back to their depots from the last moving location. Travel time charge is important for removal companies to maintain their customer service standard. If removal companies do not charge travel time that means their removalists can’t get paid when they were working in the truck. More likely the removal companies may have other hidden cost to compensate the loss or you will have the unhappy, unmotivated removalists to do your removal work at bad customer service standard.

4、How early do I need to book a removal company?

We strongly suggest you to book at least 4-8 weeks before your moving date. Fro any interstate move, it is best to book as early as possible.

5、Do I have to fill out an inventory list?

In order to provide you an exact quote, we do require you to fill out the inventory list for us. It is available on our website for you to download. It can help us to calculate the truck space for your move.

6、Can I use my own boxes for packing?

Yes, you can. But make sure you use new and durable boxes to packing that can avoid any damages during transit. At Bees, we can provide you any quality moving materials to make your move easy and secure. You also can have special discount on these moving materials if you choose us to move.

7、Does Bees moving disassemble and reassemble during my moving?

Yes, we do. It is part of moving services.

8、Does Bees have storage facility for my short term furniture storage?

Yes, we do have first class storage facility to meet your moving purpose.

9、What should I do with valuables such as jewellery and collections?

These valuable items are excluded from transit insurance cover and as such need to be transported by you to your destination.

10、What items are we unable to move?

We can not move any items which are considered as dangerous goods such as: cooking oils, cleaning solvents, aerosol cans, matches, firelighters, pesticides, paint thinners, oil, petrol, kerosene, methylated spirits, turpentine, weed killers, photographic chemicals, swimming pool treatments.

11、Is there anything I have to do to prepare appliances and machinery for removal?

You should always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. It is not the removalist’s responsibility to prepare appliances for removal and any damage resulting will not be the removalist’s responsibility. You should pay special attention to manufacturers’ instructions for washing machines, driers, computers, fridges and television sets. Lawnmowers and other gardening equipment should have the petrol drained from the tanks. If you are sending these items interstate or into store, they will also need to be steam cleaned. Gas BBQs require special preparation before removalists will agree to remove.

12、Should the removalists remove their shoes/boots when walking in the house?

Not necessarily. If you are concerned with the flooring being damaged, you should mention this to your removalist. There are excellent coverings available that give protection.

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