There is so much to take care of when planning and executing your move that it can be easy to overlook important details. Bees moving is pleased to provide this handy checklist for moving so that you can plan your move more efficiently. Follow the steps outlined in each section of this checklist for moving and you will enjoy an exciting and successful move!

Moving checklist-six to eight weeks before moving day

Working with the mover:

Moving list-four to six weeks before moving day

Places to notify:

Moving list-two to three weeks before moving day

Working with the mover:
Preparing the family:

Moving list-one to two weeks before moving day

Moving list- Day before moving day

Working with Bees packers

Moving list-Moving day

Working with the mover:

Having followed the steps in this moving list, you will find yourself avoiding the stress and frustration that can arise without proper planning. If you are moving home with BEES will be the most exciting moving experience in your life rather than stress and anxiety. Let us do all the hard work for you and you can sit back and relax to enjoy your moving day!

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